Friday, September 5, 2008

Panoramic Visions of Newcastle on the Coquun Hunter

Sophia Campbell's 1818 Panorama from NobbysSophia Campbell 1818 Panorama from Nobbys

Newcastle Gerald readers are invited to view a beautiful display of early panoramas of Newcastle recently installed at the Maritime Centre at Honeysuckle.

Entitled "Newcastle on the Edge: Panoramic Visions of Newcastle on the Coquun Hunter", the outdoor exhibit is The University of Newcastle's contribution to History Week, whose theme this year is ‘At the Water’s Edge’.

The exhibition is sponsored by the University of Newcastle’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences and is a collaborative event involving the University, the Maritime Centre and the History Council of New South Wales.

The beautiful panoramas of early Newcastle will be officially launched tomorrow September 6th 2008 by Phil Ashley-Brown Head of 1233 Radio at 10am at the Maritime Centre Honeysuckle.

Two of the panoramas have been re-photographed by Associate Professor Allan Chawner from today's perspectives to give viewers a clear view of how the Port has been transformed over time.

Newcastle on the Edge will be run at the Maritime Centre during History Week from Saturday 6 - Sunday 14 September 2008.

For more information consult the "Newcastle on the Edge" Blog:

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Zoltan the Cat said...

So, Sophia Campbell was the wife of the governor or something? Please clarify.