Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milk of Human Kindness

dear editor,
I am dissapointed that in the bastion of free speach the public forum my letter was changed to the point that the words were not my own but an editors personal opinion of what he or she though i said.wether it was an idividuals opinion or a collective opinion that is for each and everyone to decide their own opinion on this matter, this is what is called free will.
to make light of this point the statement i made "apparently that only works for american whales"was sarcasim, the statement"i believe there have been some successes overseas in this regard" implies something different.The statement"I argee"when i did not make such a statement.Sandra appeared to be of the opinion that their was worse.The point i was making i think it is a statement of fact that we witnessed the worst.for outcome focused burecrats, well the whales dead. If they tried their best i would have applauded but since it appears to me that that they didn't i am appalled that they call it their best.You slipped in " no doubt" infront of my statement about np and gov doing their best, i think that by all the other letters in the press sandra included have doubts as well. using the word "our people"implied i was somehow part of the effort to save the whale.i used the words "those people"pointing to the individuals whose names i did not know, who tried to do changed the word i wrote "usurp"to undermining thus taking away peoples freedom to form their own opinion of the word.the addition of "baby" whale although a fact is also an emotive word and my letter was a statement of fact from the point of veiw that np and gov have lost sight of one of humanitys best traits to have a go.the original letter was because of my love of gods creatures great and small.
i have written in all honesty i have done this to make my thoughts clear to the public to the best of my ability on this matter.
what was done is the true meaning of subversion of free speech and will.
i would appreciate printing this letter in full unedited,with my original letter and saturdays printing of the letter so people can form their own individual opinions.
vocatus atque non vocatus, deus aderit .
terry ford

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Billion Dollar Bailout

Dear Prime Minister,

Thank you for your fast action on the world financial crisis, and we do not want to begrudge any one an increase in pensions or extra cash to spend. But this evening we are worried that we might be missing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone here.

This world crisis might be a blessing in disguise. The billions that are being spent on bailing out our 'old' economy should be directed to laying foundations to the 'new' one, that will deliver us from our collective climate change peril.

Why not invest this money in renewable energy innovation and kick start a new economy based upon a clean world? These billions could put a water tank in every yard, and solar panels on every roof, reducing our water and power bills during the tough times ahead.

The old world economy is in collapse because it has been based upon corruption, war mongering and enslaving the world for our energy and power. We have acted like fossil fuel junkies. It has to change.

Let's nation build for a new cleaner greener world that is free of this anguish.