Friday, June 20, 2014

URGENT Call to comment on changes to Crown Lands Act

An urgent appeal to the citizens of Newcastle and the Hunter to send an email TODAY asking for an extended period for comment regarding radicle changes intended for Crown Lands Act.

Belinda Boyce | Senior Project Officer, Executive General Manager's Unit - Crown Lands

The deadline for submissions to the proposed changes to the Crown Land policy closes today. These changes will have a wide ranging effect on the management of Crown Land in NSW. The white paper proposes to transfer the management of Crown Lands to local councils to be managed under the Local Government Act and to abolish the Crown Lands ACT 1989. The emphasis seems to be on the way economic value can be added to the NSW economy through the use of Crown Land. It is vital that we put in as many submissions as possible. We have been waiting for advice from the EDO that will be available tomorrow. In the meantime we ask that you apply for an extension from Belinda Boyce. The document put out by the government has 46 and needs time to study; this should be reason enough for an extension.