Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fallujah: Agent Orange all over again?

Public forum with Donna Mulhearn* on the toxic legacy of the war in Iraq

The city of Fallujah, west of Baghdad has witnessed a large increase in birth deformities, cancers and heart problems since the 2004 US attacks on the city. It's alleged that weapons used in the attacks, white phosphorous and weapons containing depleted uranium have contaminated the environment and left a toxic legacy that will affect generations to come.
Donna Mulhearn has just returned from her fourth trip to Iraq where she
spent a week at Fallujah Hospital investigating and gathering stories on this important issue, described as the new 'Agent Orange".
Thursday the 23rd of August 6.00pm
2nd Floor Newcastle Trades Hall Council
406 - 408 King St. Newcastle
Organised by Newcastle Trades Hall, Contact Gary Kennedy, Secretary 49291162
& Newcastle NoWar Collective Contact  Niko Leka, convenor 0406296141

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