Thursday, April 22, 2010

Newcastle Post Office - Get it back into Public Hands

In this Macquarie 2010 year our Federal State and Local representatives have an opportunity to restore Newcastle's iconic Post Office back to the people of Newcastle and region. It would make a fantastic welcome visitor centre and historic presentation space of Newcastle and the Region's historic accomplishments. As well as boutique shops. Under the custodianship of the Lockup Museum it and the RSL memorial will be assured of the ongoing care, restoration and respect that it deserves.

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Pelican Press said...

Hi Gerald editors,
We're a group that's about to kinda sorta duplicate your project - coz we didn't know you were here! We're really into community media and would love to talk to you.

How do we contact you? You can email us: (take out the hyphens). We're on Facebook too.

And we're hosting a workshop on the idea of community media on May 22, at Octapod Community Arts and Media Centre. Your long experience of actually publishing community media would be an awesome contribution to that workshop.

Hope to hear from you soon
Pelican Press