Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Long Does Our 'Queen Victoria' Post Office Need to Rot?

Premier Keneally  (DT, 17/2) must be desperate for heritage good news or indeed, good news of any kind.

In June last year, as Planning minister, she announced in the media, the listing of the Queen Victoria Building and Luna Park on the State Heritage Register (SHR).

Now she’s announcing it again.

The QVB was listed by the National Trust back in 1975. The SHR began in 1999. If it takes over 10 years to list two “icons”,  I pity other items on the waiting list.

What difference does it make anyway?

Newcastle’s much loved former Post Office was listed on the SHR in 2000 and for a decade it’s been empty, neglected and vandalised. This State government and its heritage-heretic planning ministers have stood by and watched it rot, despite pleas for support from Novocastrians. How about some genuine heritage good news, rather than spin, Premier?

Keith Parsons.

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