Monday, January 25, 2010

Why a new secretly hatched Coastal Masterplan?

Minister Jodi McKay MP promotes a Masterplan for the Newcastle Coast (Letters The Herald 25/1/2010).

Parks and Playgrounds Movement warns the people of Newcastle: Beware!

The Coastal Masterplan MOU was signed by the Newcastle Council over twelve months ago but never officially adopted by full Council. The Masterplan has been hatched outside the normal transparent and open planning framework that has protected Newcastle beaches and its foreshore since statutory town planning began.

It is especially worrying when it is clear that alienation of coastal parkland is proposed.

Our coast is a scarce and priceless resource held in trust by our councillors for all the people of NSW. Newcastle Council already has a fully researched an openly adopted Coastline Study and all its parks and reserves are subject to official plans of management with open processes for change.

Why is this covert masterplan being promoted by the State at the unnecessary cost to the people of Newcastle?

Doug Lithgow President
Freeman of the City of Newcastle
Parks and Playgrounds Movement Inc.

The letter above refers to a MOU between the Department of Lands, The Newcastle Council, the Surf Club industry.

The Masterplan for the Newcastle Coast will be out next month but it has been covertly prepared in accord with the MOU.

The trick is to alienate public land for special interest groups or private operators using a non statutory process that creates expectations for vested interests.

They then do the work of breaking the planning laws. That is what is left of the NSW planning laws which as we all know have been well and debauched by ponzi speculators.

You would not know that Council already has a fully researched coastline management plan 2003 and all parks and reserves are subject to official Plans of Management.

Documents can be viewed through our Blog   

Every one should read:

Section 7.4 The output : one new coastal crown reserve covering the Newcastle coast with a new Governance model.

Section 9. Communication : Parties shall not undertake communication with public, media and others pertaining to this project.

Doug Lithgow
Parks and Playgrounds Movement

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