Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Palestine? Yes we can!

These are the decisions from the 50-strong rally at Hamilton Clocktower on Jan 7th:

Ncsle NoWar Collective meeting in the beergard
 Hamilton Station Hotel
 4pm Saturday 10th Jan
 to decide What we'll do next Wens-

The rally was deliberately optimistic in the face of the brutal and inhumane carnage wreaked by Israel upon the citizens and their children in Gaza. It opened with the chant:
Free Palestine? Yes we can!

Beginning with George Burchett's proposed "two word solution"
The emphasis was upon solidarity and collective action. This means continuing to protest publically and organising and conducting a boycott against apartheid Israel.

Actions taken included signing of the letter to Sharon Grierson that was also circulated at last week's rally, a petition to trade unions, and a contact list. The overwhelming conclusion by the majority of speakers was that Israel is embarked on a programme of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The implication of this is that even if Israel does call a ceasefire, that it will only be a further ploy. This makes a continuing boycott even more necessary, as an effective form of protest that will not end with a mere "ceasefire".

Audio is available of some parts-
Intro (Niko, Chair)
Roger Markwick
Dennis ?Siedel
Kerry Vernon
Phillippa Parsons
Zane Alcorn
Conclusion (Chair)

It is vital that you join the Newcastle NoWAR ( or the Facebook group"Protest Against Israeli Actions in Gaza"
-thats the best way to not only be informed but also to participate in decisions regarding these actions.

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