Monday, December 29, 2008

Protest massacre in Gaza at Hamilton Clocktower Wens 31st @ 4pm

Speakout against the massacre being conducted in Gaza by the IDF
Join the world in condemning this hideous crime

At Hamilton Clocktower, Beaumont St
4 pm, Wednesday, 31st December

Here are some links:

Slaughter In Gaza

The BBC Video Report

Israeli F-16 bombers have pounded targets across the Gaza Strip, killing more than 200 people, according to local medical workers. Click to view

Eyewitness: Chaos in Gaza
We can see from our office here in Gaza, in the middle of Gaza City, ambulances are still evacuating the injured from buildings and school kids are trying to find secure places. 

Enquiries: Niko Leka, 0406296141
Newcastle NoWAR Collective

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