Sunday, August 31, 2008

Exclusive:Fairfax strike over

Striking journalists from the Newcastle Herald have told the Gerald that they will be returning to work tomorrow.

"It looks like we may have won," one of the workers told the Gerald, before the workers broke into applause.

Workers from the Newcastle Herald, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Illawarra Mercury, the Financial Review and others have been on strike since Friday after a Fairfax plan to axe 550 jobs, including that of popular reporter Mike Carlton.

Their union, the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, have set up a website for supporters of the journalists, arguing that the cuts will lead to a decline in the quality of the newspapers.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke in support of the journalists.

"I am someone who is concerned about the quality and diversity of our media market," she told the Australian.

The meeting in Newcastle, on the corner of King and Newcomen Streets, followed a banner protest in Hunter Street Mall.

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