Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rising Sea Level and Compensation

In 2006 the Lowy Institute's report Heating Up the Planet: Climate Change and Security report predicted dire consequences across the Asia Pacific Region.

If , as one of its authors Alan Dupont stated the worst case scenario of a 4-6m increase in sea levels is predicted,then according to the risk maps published in the Herald (‘Risk mapped out’ 7/5 p.7) much of Newcastle and its western suburbs will be under water.

We would like to know whether the Australian Coal Industry and Frank Sartor’s Ministerial Office will compensate the thousands of people whose homes in the Newcastle and Hunter Region that will be affected by sea level rises due to climate change? Or will try to initially shirk their responsibilities as James Hardie Industries did over the asbestos cases?

They are responsible for exacerbating this dire future for us all every time they approve another mine.

The very least they can do is ensure that our drainage infrastructure is repaired and up to the task for the climate change collision course they have set us upon.

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