Thursday, November 19, 2009

Innocide and the Future

The Apology to Young and Future Australians

From Glenn Albrecht, Citizen, 17 Wanliss Street, Jarrahdale, Western Australia.

My fellow Australians,

We have reached the point where we must come together to acknowledge a severe injustice being perpetrated on current and future citizens. We must say to you; the recently conceived, newborns, infants, young children, youth, young adults and all future generations in Australia, that we are sorry that your future is being put at risk.

The callous abuse and mistreatment of the earth and its climate is a source of deep shame. In particular we need to offer you, the innocent and non-consenting parties to this destruction, a profound and deep-felt apology for failing to consider your interests. You are not responsible for the mess we are making of your future.

To all those who will be disadvantaged and who will have their life potential cut short by climate chaos … we say sorry for the innocide.

To avoid a warming and unpredictable climate you, the occupants of the future, need right now to be represented by well informed people with wisdom and ethical courage. Instead you have political and other leaders, who, in their denial or inaction on the reality of a warming world are putting the nation, families and whole communities at risk.

It is an unfolding tragedy that leaders are risking the future of the Earth for dubious benefits in the here and now. The so-called representatives of the people of Australia must be seen and judged for what they are … intellectually and ethically bankrupt. We must apologise for their lack of wisdom and their failure to look after those they ought to represent.

For this gross lack of integrity, for putting children and families last and for the abuse of those in science who are the messengers about our warming world … we say sorry for this tragedy.

It is a dark period in our history when critically important decisions about a genuinely sustainable future are being unduly influenced by those with vested interests. The time has come for us to stand up to such selfishness and egocentricity. To continue to abuse the earth and bring suffering to its future inhabitants is an ethical failure of the highest magnitude.

We must apologise in advance for the massive hardship that will occur to every facet of life as the climate gets hotter, disease, heat stress, drought and fire frequency increase, agriculture collapses, sea level rises and powerful storms wipe out our coastal communities. For all these things and more that will happen in the foreseeable future ... we say sorry.

My fellow citizens, we must care about the future. We must make a rapid transition to an ecologically sustainable economy, one that is in harmony with our environment and climate. With courage and hope we can right a future wrong in the here and now.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Speakout in support of Tamil refugees

Newcastle No War Collective speakout in support of the Tamil refugees

Friday 20th November 

Noon to 1pm

outside Federal member Sharon Grierson's office

cnr Hunter & Auckland st, Newcastle

Download a leaflet with the main points you'll never get from the mainstream media:

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Enquiries- niko 0406296141