Sunday, August 31, 2008

Costa and Iemma Must Go

The Gerald suspects that the reason Messrs Costa and Iemma are in such a diabolical rush to sell our power industry is because they have in effect backrupted the State of New South Wales.

The litany of unsustainable planning decisions and their arrogant refusal to 'serve' and abide by the will the people that elected them to power has created a tyrannical shambles that is obvious for all to see. Our land is being screwed over, our roads are crammed with cars and our future is full of empty craters.

And as Michael Costa becomes eligible for his Parliamentary Superannuation pension next month he will certainly aim to privatise himself right out of Government at our continued ongoing expense. He doesn't give a damn.

And neither should we give a damn for the fossil fuel dictatorship they both preside over that will certainly soon fall.

Exclusive:Fairfax strike over

Striking journalists from the Newcastle Herald have told the Gerald that they will be returning to work tomorrow.

"It looks like we may have won," one of the workers told the Gerald, before the workers broke into applause.

Workers from the Newcastle Herald, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Illawarra Mercury, the Financial Review and others have been on strike since Friday after a Fairfax plan to axe 550 jobs, including that of popular reporter Mike Carlton.

Their union, the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, have set up a website for supporters of the journalists, arguing that the cuts will lead to a decline in the quality of the newspapers.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard spoke in support of the journalists.

"I am someone who is concerned about the quality and diversity of our media market," she told the Australian.

The meeting in Newcastle, on the corner of King and Newcomen Streets, followed a banner protest in Hunter Street Mall.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Media Release: Let’s get Newcastle off the grid

Socialist Alliance candidate for Lord Mayor Zane Alcorn, and fellow Ward Three candidates Laura Ealing and Thomas Cameron are advocating the implementation of a radical new scheme to cut Newcastle’s carbon emissions and make the city completely energy self-sufficient.

At a recent candidates forum organised by the Newcastle Alliance, Alcorn argued that with the Arctic likely to melt by 2013, council couldn’t afford to ignore climate change. But current Lord Mayor John Tate’s response was to deny any responsibility, arguing that the onus is on individuals to make changes at a household level.

To prove that council can and should be leading on climate action, the Socialist Alliance candidates have proposed that Newcastle use Woking, a town in the UK, as a blueprint to get Newcastle off the electricity grid altogether.

“Woking has reduced its carbon emissions by 77% since 1990. There’s no reason why Newcastle council can’t do the same thing here,” Alcorn argues.

“We can cut Newcastle’s emissions dramatically by utilising solar and wind power and supplementing this with combined heat and power plants (CHPs). About 70% of the energy from coal-fired power stations is lost in heat or transmission. CHPs are highly efficient as they capture this heat and can exist within city centres, minimising energy wastage.” says Alcorn.

“We can choose whether we want to take the initiative and do something to safeguard the future of our planet, or we can sit back and watch passively as things disintegrate,” warns Cameron. Cameron noted that London council also plans to cut its emissions by 60% over the next 20 years.

And claims that council can’t afford to implement the proposal won’t wash with the candidates either. Ealing stresses that “If anything the transition that Woking has made has strengthened their local economy - Woking council has reduced its annual energy bills by almost a million pounds, and the energy bills for council residents are lower too.

“Newcastle council can afford to do this, and what’s more, it can’t afford not to. Climate change is happening at a speed that no one predicted, and anyone who tries to claim that it’s not their responsibility is simply unfit for leadership”.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newcastle's Going Solar

Climate Action Newcastle have acted while government dithers: read edited email received from them below.


We have a fanstastic 1kW solar offer for you!

Newcastle's Going Solar! - project information. This gives you information on the offer and what to do next. We are holding a meeting on Friday 5 September** to explain the offer in more detail and to complete paperwork. You will need to bring a number of things to this meeting, so please read this document carefully.

--- and---

Solar PV FAQ's

Please RSVP to by 3rd September.

Kind regards

Vicki Brooke
for Ian Wilcox and all of us at the Newcastle's Going Solar! team

Friday, August 22, 2008

Alcorn to address Getup Climate Torch Relay today

Socialist Alliance candidate for Newcastle Mayor, Zane Alcorn will be addressing the Newcastle leg of GetUp’s ‘climate torch relay’ at Newcastle's Civic Park Friday 22nd August at noon.

Zane will also be attending a Mayoral Forum at City Hall on Monday August 25 commencing at 5:30pm.

The Socialist Alliance is running a youth team in Ward Three for the Newcastle City Council Election. They are (L to R) Tom Cameron, Laura Ealing and Zane Alcorn. Click here to read more. Photo courtesy of J. Trainor.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Climate Action Now: national climate torch relay

The GetUp crew are inviting you to take part in the National Climate Torch Relay. GetUp is also urging all Mayoral candidates to join.

The latest research shows that Arctic sea ice could disappear by 2013. The incoming council will have to deal with emergency conversion to clean energy and transport. Do we want a Council who will stick their head in the sand or do we want a Council who will work with us- because now is the time, to GetUp

Newcastle and the Climate Relay
Due to its unique climate significance, Newcastle has been selected as one of the Relay’s major stops. The Torch will arrive at:
Civic Park (in front of Newcastle Town Hall)
Midday - Friday the 22nd of August

For more info, click here to go to our Climate Action Council blog.

- Zane Alcorn, Mayoral Candidate, Councillor Candidate (Ward 3)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

For a Climate Action Council...

People and planet before profits

Socialist Alliance is running three candidates in Newcastle Council – Ward 3*.

The Socialist Alliance says that the planet and future generations are more important than profits. What we have outlined will need to be fought for by an informed and active community that can challenge the interests of polluting industries and big developers. We need a council that takes climate change seriously and supports community campaigns for real action.

Click here to read more.

*Ward 3 includes Waratah, Jesmond, Lambton, New Lambton and Kotara.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Youth candidates for council: Save the skate park

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12th August 2008

Open-air press conference at South Newcastle Beach skate park

10.30am Wednesday 13th August

Three candidates running in the September 13 Newcastle council elections, aged 19-24, are outraged at proposals to close down the South Newcastle Beach skate park and graffiti wall. The candidates say attacks on the skate park by Lord Mayor John Tate and state member for Newcastle Jodie McKay show their disregard for young people.

Youth candidate for Lord Mayor, Zane Alcorn, 24, and a member of Socialist Alliance, said: "Rather than demonising young people and cracking down on graffiti the council should be tackling the real issues for us in Newcastle, like youth unemployment, affordable housing and climate change."

"We're not going sit back and watch the skate park pushed out to make way for another eyesore of a development that young people can't afford to live in"

"Tate and McKay are totally out of touch. They stand at Newcastle Beach and only see the supposedly hideous skate park. We see the world's biggest coal port and that's what we think is ugly – climate vandalism."

Alcorn is a local hip-hop artist and climate change activist and a graduate of Newcastle University where he studied architecture.

"As someone who has studied both architecture and hip hop culture - which includes graffiti - I am actually more offended by a lot of the crass air conditioned boxes that get built in this city than a bit of graffiti."

Alcorn is also running for the Socialist Alliance in Ward 3 alongside Laura Ealing, 21, and Tom Cameron, 19.

All three will be available for interview and photos on Wednesday. Graffiti artists will be doing a piece at the site to defend the skate park.

Contact Zane Alcorn on 0401 466 831.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hirsohima: never again

George Burchett, artist, translator, editor, author and son of famous Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett will speak on his father’s experiences in being the first westerner to visit Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6 1945.
Also screening of Public Enemy Number One David Bradbury’s documentary of Wilfred Burchett’s life and work as a peace activist and anti war journalist.
Joy Cummings Community Centre, Scott St, Newcastle East Saturday 9 August 2pm.

Organized by Newcastle No War Collective. Ph: Niko 0406296141.

Christians for Peace Hiroshima Day Ecumenical Service, 6.45am Wed 6 August, Outside Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Download leaflet PDF Format
Download leaflet JPG Format